Basic Things to Know About Dental Prosthesis

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dental prosthesis

If you want to be in great physical shape, you have to take care of your health at any cost. Proper care and sustenance to your body is very important because doing so will prevent you from suffering to any kind of long-term disease. And, what better way to maintain and guarantee your physical health but to start applying good dental care and oral hygiene practices as early as possible.

However, there are instances when you may be subjected to some oral problems despite of all your effort in practicing good oral hygiene which usually leads to tooth loss. This may entail losing one or multiple teeth in the process especially if the damage can no longer be solved with the use of fillers. In such situation, there is no need to worry too much since there are different ways on how to resolve this type of dental dilemma. There are actually two solutions you can do – tooth implant or dental prosthesis.

These days, tooth implant has become very popular to thousands of dental patients who desire to attain a more natural-looking replacement to their lost tooth or teeth. However, tooth implant is very costly that’s why, only a few are privileged to afford the treatment. For those who are a little behind when it comes to the financing department, an excellent alternative which is much cheaper compared to the implants is dental prosthesis.

Dental prosthesis, or more commonly recognized as dentures, are false teeth constructed to replace the missing teeth. They are made of acrylic resin which has been long proven safe to use and does not cause any damage to the human body. These prosthetic devices are molded accordingly to the structure of exterior tissues of oral cavity. Dentures are normally prescribed to patients who unfortunately possess weak bone structure and very sensitive gum tissues which are also considered as common hindrances for tooth implants.

Dental prosthesis is classified in two types – removal partial dentures and complete dentures. Removable partial dentures are prescribed to patients who are missing a few teeth only. This type of dentures can be constructed as fixed partial dentures or flexible partial. These days, flexible partial are more opted because they are more comfortable to wear and are much appealing aesthetic-wise. Complete dentures, on the other hand, are false teeth that are worn by patients who are missing all their teeth. Most of the time, it is the elderly who normally wear this type of prosthesis.

Apart from being more cost-effective, dentures have attracted the interest of many because the teeth replacement is fairly simple. Additionally, it does not require any surgical procedure or painful recovery to complete the treatment. Though dentures do not require going under the knife, they demand getting used to in the beginning. Early days will entail discomfort and awkwardness but, as days pass, the uneasiness will eventually fade away.

Same with other teeth replacement methods, dentures will require proper care and maintenance. After application, better seek guidance from your dentist on how to correctly take care of your dental prosthesis. Doing so will help you maintain not only remarkable oral health but an award-winning smile as well at all times.

The Basic Things to Know About Dental Braces

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Misaligned and crooked teeth or bite issues are only some of the main reasons why a person may be in need of wearing dental braces. Apart from treating these normal teeth construction issues, wearing dental braces have become very beneficial not only to maintain good oral health but overall physical well-being as well. In the past, there have been a lot of misconceptions when it comes to dental braces and, most of the time, the false impressions only damages the true benefits they actually serve for a person. Good thing is, the purpose or function of braces have changed and improved over the years and studies have proven their valuable role in preserving one’s oral health and prevention of physical illnesses in general too.

Though dental braces are helpful and beneficial, it is important that a person who decides to wear them fully understands the necessary considerations of wearing them. The person must know at least the basic things-to-know about braces prior to committing to the numerous years of orthodontic treatment. This article will enumerate some of the vital information concerning dental braces.

No Age Limit

Most people presume that braces can only be worn by teenagers. Truth is, adults can have them too. As long as the gums and the set of teeth of the person are healthy, braces can be worn. A check up with an orthodontist is the primary step to do in order to know the current condition of the teeth and gums. It is imperative that the teeth and gums are healthy simply because the braces will put a lot of pressure on them during the course of the treatment. Otherwise, oral complications such as tooth loss and gum infection may occur which can eventually lead to worse dental problems.

The Type of Dental Brace

Dental braces come in different types namely, metal braces or traditional braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and invisalign.

bracesMetal braces are the usual metal brackets that are more noticeable when worn. This type of braces involves the use of dental bands that come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. Metal braces are considered as the least expensive kind of dental brace. Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces except that they are designed as clear brackets. They are tooth-colored making them less visible compared to metal braces. Ceramic braces are considered more expensive and may stain easily overtime especially if the person wearing them fails to practice proper oral hygiene.

Lingual braces are also similar to metal braces, however, the brackets and wires are placed on the inside of the teeth. A great feature of this type of brace is they are invincible from the outside because of their placement. However, lingual braces are challenging to clean, treatment is longer           , and, most importantly, much costly compared to metal and ceramic braces. Lastly, invisalign is a type of dental brace that is consist of custom-made clear plastic aligners. Same with ceramic braces, invisalign are also almost unnoticeable but they are more expensive compared to the first three types of braces mentioned. The duration of the treatment is expected to take much longer as well.


Ultimately, braces are pricey. The cost varies on the type of braces you want to wear, the treatment itself, and the duration of the dental treatment you will need to undertake. Mainly for these reasons, it is imperative to allot a good amount of budget to have them installed. If you are covered with a dental plan, that would minimize the expenses, otherwise better save up and inquire about payment plans with the orthodontist.

Finding a Reliable Dental Lounge in Dubai

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the dental loungeOral health is a very important aspect of your physical health which you must be conscious about at all times. It is a must to practice good oral hygiene not only to maintain a healthy set of teeth but to ensure your overall physical well-being as well. With how researches have proven poor oral hygiene’s alarming connection to health problems and illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, to name a few, it is very significant to take extra care when it comes to your oral welfare. And to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape with your oral condition, finding a reliable dental clinic is the wisest way to do so.

When it comes to finding a good dental clinic, you need to stay meticulous with your selection. With how abundant in number the dental lounge Dubai are nowadays, there are instances when the search itself becomes a very challenging task to accomplish. So, to help lessen the stress and difficulty of finding a good dental clinic for you, the following below are some tips which can serve as helpful guidelines for your search.

Background Check – Clinic’s Reputation

You can consider this as the primary step that you must take when looking for a dental clinic in Dubai. Be certain to do a background check with regards to the clinic’s reputation and credibility in the industry. Make time to research about its license and certification to guarantee that you will be dealing with a trustworthy clinic. You can either personally inquire at the clinic location or do a few browsing through the Internet to have a good grasp of its name and standing.

Apart from doing initial investigating, see to it that you also verify the qualifications of the dentist that will be handling you. Make sure that the dentist has acquired the appropriate accreditation, qualifications, and skills in providing the dental services that you need. Knowing that you have a licensed dental hygienist by your side will be your assurance that you are in good hands.

Inspect the Clinic’s Environment

Another imperative aspect which you must take a thorough inspection with is the dental lounge’s general environment. Have a good look at the tools and equipment being used inside the clinic. Each and every apparatuses must be clean and properly sanitized. You can ask the clinic’s secretary or attendant about how they certify hygiene and sanitation. Keep in mind, the tools or devices will be used on you whenever you come visit for a checkup, therefore, it is vital to always inspect so that you won’t be endangered or exposed with germs and infection.

Dental Services and Amenities

Lastly, to make the most out of your scheduled visits with the dental hygienist, inquire about the dental services and amenities that the clinic offers. Doing so will allow you to acquire good information whether theirs services match your dental necessities. You will be able to get a good understanding of their amenities and, most importantly, will help you in preparing sufficient funds for every checkup as well.